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Project Inspiration

Coloris pattern booklet christmas motif

Our booklets include a large colored printed pattern with the associated color key featuring DMC Coloris floss and a printed Coloris color card.

About this product

Make your hand stitched pieces truly stunning works of art with our cross stitch holiday patterns using Coloris shades that compliment each other harmoniously without getting into one simple gradient tone. You will love stitching with DMC Coloris thread to unveil the beautiful color palettes for the holiday season.

Our newest DMC pattern booklet includes a Christmas holiday sampler using new DMC Coloris thread. Colors needed for design are as follows:

DMC 4516 (1 skeins)
DMC 4517 (1 skeins)
DMC 4518 (1 skeins)
DMC 4519 (1 skeins)
DMC 4520 (1 skeins)
DMC 4521 (1 skeins)
DMC 4522 (1 skeins)
DMC 4523 (1 skeins)

Ref: 1527722S

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