Meet Yumiko Higuchi

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Meet Yumiko Higuchi

2 Minute Read

World-acclaimed Yumiko Higuchi is a Japanese embroidery artist renowned for her exquisite needlework masterpieces. Her unique work balances modern and traditional aspects of the art form.

What Attracted You To Embroidery?

I used to make and sell handmade bags. I was attracted to the freedom of expression in embroidery, and that is how I came to be here. Embroidery is found all over the world, has a long history, and can be started anywhere by anyone with a needle, thread, and fabric.

What Is Important to You When Creating Your Embroidery Designs?

I want to emphasize overall color, atmosphere, and composition rather than realistic detailed depiction. I prefer to think of a design as a pattern rather than as a one-point embroidery.

How Did You Come Across DMC and How Do You Choose Your Thread?

When I was a child, my mother also used to embroider, so we had almost every color of DMC embroidery thread at home. I have been using DMC threads ever since. (The wooden box in the photo) A four-tiered box is very convenient to see all the colors when you open it up one layer at a time.

I always choose colors according to the theme of the work. If it is winter, I choose colors that evoke a sense of coldness. The color of the fabric is also important. I also adjust the brightness to match the fabric. But usually, I don't know until I actually start stitching.

Many of Your Followers on Instagram Love Your Lifestyle and Aesthetic. What Do You Value Most in Your Daily Life?Many of Your Followers on Instagram Love Your Lifestyle and Aesthetic. What Do You Value Most in Your Daily Life?

My husband and I both work from home, so we try to make our home as comfortable as possible. Therefore, we keep our lives as simple as possible. Since we started Instagram, we have been taking photos of things we use every day, but we are also trying to create a living space that is "ours" without it being overwhelming.

Do You Have Any Tips For Taking Pictures Of Embroidery?

Everyone shares good pictures on social media. I am also learning every day, but embroidery tends to be photographed flat, so I take care to add shading as much as possible. I think it's nice to take a slightly close-up shot to give it a more powerful look.

Do You Have Any Advice For Enjoying Your Kits?

Take your time. I hope you will enjoy the process of making it.

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