Meet Joanna Hateley

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Meet Joanna Hateley

1 Minute Read

Joanna Hateley was born in England and moved to France during her childhood. Having studied textile design in Mulhouse, she is a designer for DMC. Her work is inspired by architecture, thrift stores, botanical drawings and pop culture.

Describe Your Style in Three Words?

Modern, diverse, colorful.

How Long Have You Been Stitching For?

About 8 years.

What's Your Favorite Stitch?

Chain stitch.

How Did You Learn to Stitch?

I learned the basics at art school and through a previous job, but I am mostly self taught.

What Are Your Embroidery Essentials? (Thread/Accessories)

A needle threader, color card and DMC thread.

What Inspires You?

Photography for composition, nature for color, vintage magazines for style.

What’s Your Favorite Piece of Work?

I don't have one in particular, it depends on my mood.

What Difference Has Stitching Made to Your Life?

It has certainly given me the opportunity to explore and develop my design skills and discover a lot of talented people.

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