Meet Georgie K. Emery

3 Minute Read

Meet Georgie K. Emery

3 Minute Read

Georgie K. Emery is an embroidery artist from the UK, who combines her textile degree knowledge with traditional embroidery. Her colourful landscapes combine applique layering with decorative embroidery and take inspiration from the landscapes of the Cotswolds.

Describe Your Style in Three Words?

Colorful, Illustrative and Creative

How Long Have You Been Stitching For?

Around 15 years! Not including my first go at stitching my brownie badges onto my sash when I was 8... I was so proud of what I thought were neat little stitches.

What’s Your Favorite Stitch?

Split stitch – it’s a great filler stitch and a great line work stitch.

You Use Applique Layering In Many of Your Designs What Are Your Tips For Anyone Trying This Technique For The First Time?

Have patience and with each attempt it will get easier. Applique can be very frustrating to begin with, I remember having very clear ideas in my mind about what I would want the fabric to do and the fabric just not cooperating with me when I first started experimenting. Persevere and with each attempt the fabric will begin to sit more smoothly and the process which used to take hours now takes a fraction of the time. If you’re layering your fabric to fit into an embroidery hoop, a top tip is to make sure all your fabrics are cut to roughly the same size. This makes it easier to manage in the hoop if all the edges of fabric that sit outside the hoop are equal in size.

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How Did You Learn to Stitch?

I wouldn’t say anyone particularly taught me to embroider, it’s just something I was naturally very drawn to, and I constantly learn something new about it with each new project. I first explored embroidery properly when I was 16-17 at college completing a BTEC Fine art diploma; I worked on a fashion illustration and combined applique and embroidery and instantly fell in love with the textures and using thread as a way of drawing. I then went on to complete an Art Foundation before I went to University to study Textiles and every project, I worked on I always seemed to weave either hand embroidery or machine embroidery into the work - I love drawing with stitches.

What are your embroidery essentials? (Thread/accessories)

  • Sharp scissors

  • A marvellous adjustable light with several settings

  • DMC Mouliné Spécial 3838 (I love this blue!)

  • Pinking shears for cutting your fabric down to size and preventing the edges from fraying.

What inspires you?

My home in Gloucestershire UK, I am surrounded by countryside and a beautiful undulating landscape which I source the ideas for most of my landscape scenes. The various shades of greens and color palettes just from my own garden or the view from my bedroom window is a constant source of inspiration.

What’s your favourite piece of work?

Probably my first proper successful layered landscape piece, (successful in the way all the fabric sat where I wanted it to sit) I also designed it in the depths of winter and it’s such a spring piece full of warmth.

What difference has stitching made to your life?

Embroidery is a peaceful and meditative art form and it’s like therapy for me, it allows a lot of time for thinking whilst your hands are busy stitching. I'm so contented when I am working on a design and have a few solid hours of undisturbed stitching ahead of me. It's the BEST feeling!

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