Meet Bethan Haf Jones

2.5 Minute Read

Meet Bethan Haf Jones

2.5 Minute Read

Bethan Haf Jones is a Welsh born designer, now based in East London. She studied Fashion at Kingston University and is now a designer for Wool and the Gang. Her designs are inspired by the coastlines and landscapes of her hometown Swansea.

How Long Have You Been Stitching For?

It’s only been the last couple of years that I’ve gotten into tapestry, I tried it for the first time and since then I’ve been obsessed! But I’ve been doing other needle crafts for a long time before, mostly knitting and crochet but with the occasional embroidery here and there!

What's Your Favorite Stitch?

My favorite stitch has to be the Byzantine Stitch! I love the simplicity of it even though it creates what seems to be a complex parquet pattern! And it brings such a lovely texture and quality to the work!

How Did You Learn to Stitch?

I taught myself through books and online tutorials which were great for trying out new stitches!

What Are Your Embroidery Essentials? (thread/accessories)

My number one essential is a project bag, with everything I need stashed in there! It’s so great for being on the go and crafting when I’m out and about, whether it’s on the train or in a cafe or on the beach!

What Inspires You?

I’m very inspired by nature and my surroundings and I think this comes out a lot in my designs! I do a lot of walking and just being outside I can find endless inspiration, from colour to shapes to prints and to patterns!

What’s Your Favorite Piece of Work?

My favorite piece of work must be my first ever finished tapestry I did! Not because it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, but I just remember how much fun it was to do and how it got me hooked!

What Difference Has Stitching Made to Your Life?

Stitching helps me to slow down and unwind! I’m quite busy with lots of projects going on at once so it’s really nice to remember to set time aside to slow down and appreciate the time and patience of needle work.

What’s Your Process for Translating Your Designs Into Tapestry?

I do a bit of film photography and I like to take a lot of photos of beautiful and inspiring things I’ve found. It’s nice to then look at these images as a visual reference and pull out colors, patterns or shapes as a starting point and then start from there!

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