Meet Anna Matvieieva

2 Minute Read

Meet Anna Matvieieva

2 Minute Read

Anna Matvieieva of Mr.Stitch&Mrs.Needle, is a Ukrainian designer currently living in Germany. Anna learnt how to cross stitch 15 years ago, and has been creating elegant and modern cross stitch designs ever since.

How Long Have You Been Stitching For?

I’ve been stitching for approximately 15 years. My grandma gave me a cross-stitch magazine (she worked in the library) and was inspired by the cute motifs.

What’s Your Favorite Stitch?

I know that many cross-stitchers don’t like back stitches, but I really love them! It’s like putting on make-up, it brings out the details and adds accents.

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How Did You Learn to Stitch?

The first lessons I got at school. But at that time I didn’t like cross-stitching because the designs were old fashioned and boring and we had old fabric with huge holes. For me, nice materials and what you embroider are the decisive factor. When I saw foreign magazines many years after school – the modern designs surprised me and embroidery captivated me. I already had the skills and everything became easy to get.

What Inspires You?

I get this question a lot. Designing has been my main job for the last 3-5 years. When I’m in need of some inspiration I don’t look anywhere special, I find it everywhere in every-day life. All I need to do is drink coffee, look out the window, go for a walk in the park, or even do my housework. I always come up with lots of ideas and never enough time to do everything. So, finding inspiration is never the problem, it’s having enough time!

What’s Your Favorite Piece of Work?

I’d say my favorites are flowers and ballerina designs.

What Difference Has Stitching Made to Your Life?

It has made me the happiest person because it meant I found my favorite job! Doing what I love makes me feel like I’m in the right place and it gives me meaning in life.

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