StitchBow™ Floss Holder

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DMC Six Strand Embroidery Floss can be instantly loaded onto the StitchBow Floss Holder. The patented design of the StitchBow Floss Holder maintains the original shape and fullness of the floss skein when storing it.

Each package contains 10 individual StitchBow Floss Holders.


Ref : GC001AS

Customer Reviews

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Vaesse / 09/21/2020

I fell in love with this system first because you could remove the labels and then just slip the floss on these without winding it again (as needed for everything else I saw). But everything about the system appeals to me. In fact, I just purchased the last bits needed to store 500 colors (way more than I have, but enough that I can expand as needed if it DOES go out of stock) plus a few extras for projects in process (LOVE my StitchBow needlework travel bag, but a binder for the floss and a zip-top bag for everything else works too). In my "permanent" storage (as opposed to my active projects) I added the tiny DMC floss number stickers to the edge of each floss spot, making it even easier to see what goes where even if the floss is missing. / 06/08/2020

I found these at a Walmart near me and I picked them up without knowing what they are because they were DMC, and I was just searching up how to use them. I thought they held your floss while you wind them into bobbins. I’m going to try this system of organizing (just found out what they’re used for) since a lot of people like these better than bobbins. Thank you to the people who wrote review!

Karen Kusey / 04/10/2020

I use the stitchbow holders quite often. I really wish you would design a nice storage display case, such as the Commercial floss holder or the wooden casket to hold this item. I never bought the plastic one you made; it was ugly. That is the reason for 4 stars.

Shannon@sidhouse / 03/01/2020

I like these “holders” but small problem....I have a problem stopping them from unwinding.....where / how is best to store the stick and thread without rewinding or slipping off. .? Won’t tuck in anything to hold it locked well for storage after using........ thanks !

Kyariana / 06/04/2019

I love the stitch bow system. Storing a few 3 ring binders definitely takes up less space then boxes of plastic/cardboard bobbins. Also love not needing to make sure I have a permanent marker to write on plastic bobbins I can just slip the printed skein paper over the stitch bow bobbin.

Monica Pena / 03/15/2019

I use to use the little cardboard ones and thought I would give these a try. Well now I would rather use these. So easy to use and store. I like that you can slip the color number tab that comes on the floss onto the new floss holders. So much nearer and easy to store.

Jane / 10/24/2018

I agree with first review 100%!!! I love the 3 ring binders with the pages and plastic holders. I need about 10 packs of the holders as I had floss given to me by a lady who's mother could no longer use them.

laura / 10/21/2018

I have searched and searched for stitchbow floss holders and the plastic holders and I can't find them .Please don't discontinue them. I really like the system it is by far the best system out there.

Renee Hill / 08/24/2018

Please, Please, Please continue to stock these. I have everyone of your embroidery thread colors and this is how I store them...along with the plastic holders they go in! I am desperate. I really do not want to start a new storage system with over 400 colors. Please!! I beg of you!!! Thank you

Lee / 06/20/2018

I totally LOVE the Stitchbow floss holders. They keep the floss neat, numbers stay with the floss (instead of losing labels when skein is 1/2 used). Hunted all over and finally found some at a Michaels store an hour's drive from my home. Sweet victory!

jdylip  / 02/20/2018

So easy to use! I love the whole Stitchbow system. It’s so easy to put skeins of floss on the holders and then just slide them into the pages. No more winding bobbins.