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Cross Stitch Pattern

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To complete your stitched picture, you will also need

  • 14 ct Aida Fabric

  • 16 ct Aida Fabric

  • 18 ct Aida Fabric

  • Gold Tapestry Needles Size 24

  • DMC Steel Peacock Scissors

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The quality of your cross-stitch pattern will depend on the quality of the photo that you use, for best results we recommend you:

• Choose a good quality image that captures details clearly with sufficient colour contrast
• Choose an image where the background is plain (e.g. a wall, the sky)
• Ensure the subject is in focus
Avoid using:

• Photos taken from afar
• Blurry or out of focus photos
• Photos that are too dark
• Photos that are too light
• Low-resolution photos
• Strong contrasts
• Large areas of shadow
• Busy backgrounds
• Reflections or objects that obscure the photo
• Letters and phrases


Find a good photograph that you would like to use to create a cross stitch pattern. If it is a digital image, check that it is in the correct format (jpg, tiff, bmp, png, gif). Then click the “upload” button above. Our application will guide you through the simple process, step by step.

If the photograph you would like to use is a print you will need to scan it first and save it in one of the correct formats. (jpg, tiff, bmp, png, gif).
You can convert any type of digital image - photos, illustrations, drawings, scanned objects, etc.
Stitch Your Photo accepts the most commonly used file formats for digital images: jpg, tiff, bmp, png, and gif.
You can create a cross stitch pattern from a print too. Simply scan your image first to create a digital file format.
By changing the number of colours you will change the aesthetic of your final stitched piece. With fewer colours, your image may have a more contemporary look. It will be different for each image. Take a few moments to look at the different options and choose whichever you prefer. If you select "Maximum 50", we will optimise the number of colours for the image you have uploaded, generally, this will be between 20 and 35.

Note: If any of the thread colours that your pattern requires are out of stock, you will be alerted at the checkout. Your pattern will still be free of charge. You will not be charged for any threads we are unable to supply and you will be able to order them as soon as they are back in stock.
How densely a fabric is woven is important when you are using it for cross stitch because it changes the look of your finished work. The denser the weave the smaller the stitches you will sew. The stitch count of a fabric indicates how many stitches can be sewn in one inch. For example, 14 count Aida, a fabric that is woven specifically for needlework, has a clear even weave that makes it easy to sew 14 equal-sized cross stitches per inch. The higher the stitch count the smaller the stitches will be.

When you are creating your pattern, the stitch count you plan to use is important because it will change the number of stitches needed to sew the different sections of your image. It will also affect the size of the finished piece.
To convert an iPhone image into a .jpeg, so that you can use it to create a pattern, you need to save a copy of the image into a folder. Apple automatically converts the format of images moved from the photos app into any other folder into .jpeg.


1 - Upload the image you want to use.
2 - Select the stitch count you will be using
3 - Choose the finished size of your project and how many colours you could like to use.
4 - Select the purchase option: Pattern only OR Pattern + the required threads. Your selection will be added to your basket.
5 – Add any canvas, embroidery hoops or any other accessories you need to complete your project. (Please note these are not included and need to be added to your basket separately)
6 - Add to cart and confirm your order.
Once the order has been confirmed and the payment made, you will receive your pattern by e-mail to the address you used to place the order.
The pattern is sent to you as a PDF file, a widely used digital format. Most computers have a PDF reader already installed. Otherwise, you can download a free PDF reader at this address:
You can either print your pattern at home or email it to your local print shop to be printed.

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katrinacheshire / 03/31/2020

These are amazing! I have found that close up pictures work best, but they turn out absolutely breathtaking and just like the original pictures! Patterns are easy to work with! I will be making many more of these.

Rachel / 02/13/2020

Exactly what I've been looking for!! Going to make the best gifts!!

Lauren P. / 01/03/2020

I have done 2 so far and both turned out great. Look just like photos.

elsiekoch / 03/02/2018