How To: Wind your Bobbin

Le 23 July 2015
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    How To
    Wind Your

    We have an obsession with pretty bobbins. We offer a wide selection from practical plastic and cardboard bobbins - to handmade vintage wood bobbins to store your beautiful threads.
    bobbins Bobbins are great for organizing and storing DMC Embroidery Floss, but winding a lot of them can be tedious. A DMC Bobbin Winder can help make the process faster and easier.  


    Fixing the DMC Bobbin Winder to a plastic bobbin box allows you to use both hands for the process. The bobbin winder has a T-shaped slot in the base, which is designed to straddle the box at the point where any one of the interior dividers intersects with the side. Position the top of the T slot over the side of the box and the leg of the T slot over the divider. It should fit snugly into the corners.  


    1. Remove the small peg on the side opposite the handle.
    2. Slide the hole end of a plastic or cardboard bobbin into the holder and align the holes.
    3. Reinsert the peg through the hole to secure the bobbin in place.
    Pick up a skein of floss and find the loose end. Pull gently until you have about 15” of floss. Slide the end into the cut slot in the end of the bobbin to secure. Hand wrap the first several inches to ensure the floss will fill the bobbin smoothly. Gently turn the handle of the winder to rotate the bobbin and continue to wrap it with floss, gently pulling it from the skein as you go. Use your opposite hand to guide the floss evenly over the bobbin evenly. When you have finished winding the skein onto the bobbin, remove the bobbin from the winder and slide the loose tail of the floss into the empty cut slot. Add the DMC Number Sticker that corresponds with the color of the skein or write the number with pencil or a permanent marker. Your bobbin is now ready to store and easy to use! Place it in a storage box or use the holes to loop it onto a metal ring with other bobbins. DMC has a selection of differently sized metal rings. The DMC Bobbin Winder is especially useful if you have many skeins to convert to bobbins because it reduces hand fatigue.  [associated-products]

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