Promotion Terms

    Why isn't my promo code working?

    • The code is entered incorrectly. Be sure to check all characters and ensure they match as presented. Coupon codes are case-sensitive. Be sure your entry is also free of any unintended spacing. 
    • The items in your basket are ineligible. If you have any ineligible items in your basket the coupon code will disregard those products. If all the contents of your basket are ineligible the code will result in an error.
    • The code is no longer valid. Coupon codes are only applicable for designated time periods. If your coupon code is expired or void, the code will result in an error. 
    If you believe there is an error in processing your order, please be sure to reach out to customer service

    DMC reserves the right to refuse payment adjustments that would imply a double discount. All clearance and exclusive bundle pricing are excluded from additional discount offers unless advertisement specifically states otherwise. Discount codes are never to be combined. One code may be applied at checkout. Free gifts combined with a coupon offer are only accepted if the total is more than the order qualifier after discount. All Photo Conversion Charts are non-refundable once the service has been rendered.