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DMC 489 Color Embroidery Floss Set


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This incredible thread set contains 489 skeins of DMC Embroidery Floss, inclusive of our 35 new colors! You get all the DMC colors in one incredible pack, your thread stash will thank you and your friends will be jealous. Our luscious floss is size 25; 6-strand divisible thread made of double mercerized, long staple 100% cotton fibers in a pull-skein. Each skein is 8.7 yds. (8m) per skein. This is the most exciting package that will arrive on your doorstop this month, think of all the colors and possibilities!

Ref : 117ASST489S

Customer Reviews

Average rating : 5/5 |  3 * Comments

hearing.but@gmao;.com / 08/22/2018

I am glad to see the new colors. I have been a stitcher for over 50 years. I keep my floss in a cabinet to prevent color fade. I do wrap them on the on acid free cardstock bobbins to prevent damage. To date even the very old floss stays vibrant and strong. One thing to remember is that the DYE LOT can allow for change over all these years. I also run the floss across a damp sponge to control tangles and prevent color bleeds. I try to purchase enough for a project and I do date when purchased so that I can be sure to keep the colors together (black with black dated same) other wise you will see a change in colors (especially when the formulas changed in the '80's. LOVE MY DMC. I have tried the others and still go back to DMC. Never have a tangle issue. Happy with product!

Maria / 05/31/2018 / 05/30/2018

I love your floss and have embroidered since I was a kid sitting in front of the radio in the evenings. Mom taught me to sew, knit, crochet, and embroidery while listening to the radio. I now do a lot of quilting and cross stitching. I have sent you several emails asking if some of my old floss should be pitched because the threads are getting old and perhaps are no longer strong enough to use or the colors have changed. Please let me know if by looking at the paper label if there is some that should be pitched. I am blown away to see you have 489 colors. I wonder how many colors you had when I was a kid and how much a skein of floss cost? I find myself cross stitching in the evenings and listening to the TV. You know, cross stitching is addicting, but I do not drink, so I do a much better job at it. Thank you DMC for all the years of entertainment.