Cebelia Size 10


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Cebelia Crochet Thread is a superior quality, three-cord, double mercerized 100% cotton thread. It is 100% colorfast and fade resistant. During the manufacturing process, the thread is combed, singed by flame, and then double mercerized. It is the double mercerizing which gives it its brilliance and strength.

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Ref : 167G10S

Cebelia Size 10

  • Cebelia Size 10   712


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  • Cebelia Size 10   B5200


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 260 metres

100% colourfast and fade resistent

4 color(s)

Cebelia Crochet Cotton size 10.

 Each put-up ball is 50g/284yds.

Made in France.

Cebelia Size 10

Customer Reviews

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Msw / 05/18/2020

Please bring it back! We need your beautiful colors. By far thes best of yhe best is codornet.

mkorzekwa / 04/26/2020

I wonder the same thing ... what happened to all the colors?!?! I have about 20 different colors in my stash from years ago ... I'm just now coming back to thread crochet after many years, and I can't believe there aren't many colors in Cebelia, especially in size 10. Please bring them back!

MiniBooger / 03/08/2020

Love this crochet thread. What happened to all of the colors?!

krj8c6 / 11/08/2018

THE best crochet thread hands down. Makes every piece look gorgeous! Have used it for at least 30 years. Does not tangle up if you make a mistake and have to rip out a section. Makes smooth stitches. If you have not crocheted for long it is the best to start to learn with. It does not fuzz up or kink. The quality of their product is unsurpassed and consistent. Don't settle for less.