About Us

    Your Story And Ours  

    However small your project, however practiced your skills, DMC understands that handmade is about more than your time and effort.  Handmade is about living more mindfully.   Handmade is about giving with love.  Handmade is about expressing your creativity.  And your creativity is our heritage.

    Join our creative community

    DMC collaborates with some of Europe’s most prestigious fashion houses, venerable art galleries, up-and-coming designers and needlecraft bloggers.  So when you thread your needle, pick up a crochet hook or cast on with DMC, you’re in very good company.  

    Trust centuries of know-how

    DMC has been developing award-winning fine threads and specialist yarns for makers like you since 1746, when artist Jean-Henri Dollfus joined forces with a pair of equally visionary entrepreneurs.  Before Marie Antoinette was born, and long before we coined the modern term globalisation, the three of them began exporting beautiful eastern-inspired, European-made textiles around the world.  

    Depend on  world-renowned quality

    Today DMC produces, and continuously improves, all 500 colours of Mouline Special on the same centuries-old site we always have done in Mulhouse.  Which is probably why our flagship stranded cotton remains the world’s favourite embroidery thread, selling 1 million skeins every single day.

    Explore expertise beyond embroidery

    DMC has poured all of this experience into developing superior tapestry wool, exceptional knitting yarn and specialist crochet cotton which is recommended by experts and loved by beginners.  

    What will you create with DMC?