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Tapestry Needlepoint

Pénélope Double-Weave Blank Tapestry Needlepoint Canvas

Our 100% cotton Pénélope double-weave needlepoint canvas is strong and durable. It is perfect for tapestry and needlepoint projects using DMC Tapestry Wool and Soft Cotton. It is chosen by embroiderers who like to use a variety of stitches.

About this product

Our 100% cotton Pénélope needlepoint canvas is a 10-count fabric. The count refers to the number of stitches you can make in an inch. The metric equivalent is pts/cm - stitches per centimeter. Therefore, the higher the count the smaller stitches you will make resulting in a finer finish.

Care instructions: remember to take into account the care instructions for all threads and fabrics used in your project. After stitching on your DMC Pénélope Tapestry & Needlepoint canvas, wash in 1 part ammonia to 2 parts water, rubbing gently with a brush. Rinse and dry flat.

Pénélope canvas is a mesh made up of double threads that are woven together which makes it very durable.

Available to buy in:
Small (38.1 x 45.7 cm)
Large (49 x 61 cm) - 10 count (4pts/cm)

Ref: DC22PN

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