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Water soluble, self adhesive embroidery transfer paper

Magic Paper, Pack of 2 A5 Blank Sheets

Pack of 2, blank, A5 sheets of dissolvable embroidery transfer paper. Easily transfer any embroidery design onto any fabric by sketching or tracing the design onto the paper. Great for embellishing clothing, bags or homewares. Simply cut, stick, stitch and rinse.

About this product

Magic paper is a complete game changer when stitching on clothing, homewares or dark fabrics. Transferring embroidery patterns onto fabric, especially thick or dark fabrics can be tricky and time consuming but Magic Paper makes it effortless.

Sketch or trace your design onto the paper, cut it out, peel off the backing and stick onto your fabric. Once you are happy with the positioning, stitch through the soft fabric-like transfer paper using the printed design to guide you. Once you’ve finished stitching, a quick rinse under water for a few seconds will completely dissolve the Magic Paper leaving behind your beautiful needlework.

The low tack adhesive allows you to reposition the design so you can position it exactly where you want it to be before you stitch. Magic Paper is especially helpful when stitching on stretch fabrics because it stabilises the cloth whilst you stitch to avoid puckering.

Ref: FC0006L

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