Winter Fairy Tamar Kit Collection

Children’s book illustrator, Tamar Nahir-Yanai, has the gift of turning the minor moments of life into beautifully artful events. In partnership with Nahir-Yanai, DMC has taken her utterly charming drawings and transformed them into embroidery kits. These stitcher-friendly kits have just about everything you need to get started and are perfect for beginners. Winter Fairy depicts a world you wish you could escape into. One where innocence and happiness reign supreme. Bring Nahir-Yanai’s optimism and spirit from Winter Fairy into your home, or gift it to a loved one. Either way, we predict it’ll make you exceedingly happy.
Each one includes pre-printed fabric along with DMC embroidery floss.

Included in the Kit:
10” x 10” printed cotton fabricDMC embroidery flossEmbroidery needleIllustrated stitch guide


Customer Reviews

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Cmmc97 / 08/14/2018

This is an adorable kit, and it is absolutely charming. However, I wouldn't recommend this kit for a first project. The printed lines on the material are very fine, and in some places you need to use a single thread for some detailed work. None of the stitches are particularly complicated, so I think it would make a good second project for a beginner.