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The Jacquard Bundle: 50-Color Assortment of DMC Six-Strand Embroidery Floss


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Your embroidery projects are only as good as the thread you use, and DMC offers stitchers the very best. Carefully selected by our creative team, the Jacquard Bundle is a 50-color assortment of DMC's gorgeous six-strand embroidery floss. Every hue was inspired by Jacquard Textiles. Divisible, 100% cotton, colorfast and fade resistant, this floss is made from the finest long staple Egyptian cotton fibers. Accompanying the bundle are sewing notions— Assortment Includes: 50 DMC Floss Skeins (color numbers listed below), 10 Stitchbow Floss Holders, and 1 Pack (15" x 18”) Charles Craft 14-Count Aida Fabric. 162 Ultra Very Light Blue 822 Light Beige Gray 349 Dark Coral 824 Dark Very Blue 350 Medium Coral 825 Dark Blue 351 Coral 826 Medium Blue 352 Light Coral 827 Very Light Blue 353 Peach 844 Ultra Dark Beaver Gray 355 Dark Terra Cotta 909 Very Dark Emerald Green 356 Medium Terra Cotta 910 Dark Emerald Green 500 Very Dark Blue Green 911 Medium Emerald Green 501 Dark Blue Green 912 Light Emerald Green 502 Blue Green 913 Medium Nile Green 503 Medium Blue Green 948 Very Light Peach 640 Very Dark Beige Gray 954 Nile Green 642 Dark Beige Gray 955 Light Nile Green 644 Medium Beige Gray 3021 Very Dark Brown Gray 645 Very Dark Beaver Gray 3072 Very Light Beaver Gray 646 Dark Beaver Gray 771 Ultra Very Light Terra Cotta 647 Medium Beaver Gray 3777 Very Dark Terra Cotta 648 Light Beaver Gray 3778 Light Terra Cotta 754 Light Peach 3787 Dark Brown Gray 758 Very Light Terra Cotta 3813 Light Blue Green 813 Light Blue 3818 Ultra Very Dark Emerald Green 817 Very Dark Coral Red 3820 Dark Straw 3830 Terra Cotta 3821 Straw 3852 Very Dark Straw 822 Light Straw        

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