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The Heritage Bundle: 50-Color Assortment of DMC Six-Strand Embroidery Floss


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Your embroidery projects are only as good as the thread you use, and DMC offers stitchers the very best. Carefully selected by our creative team, this bundle is a 50-color assortment of DMC's gorgeous six-strand embroidery floss.. Divisible, 100% cotton, colorfast and fade resistant, this floss is made from the finest long staple Egyptian cotton fibers. Colors include: 152 Medium Light Shell Pink, 221 Very Dark Shell Pink, 223 Light Shell Pink, 224 Very Light Shell Pink, 225 Ultra Very Light Shell Pink, 300 Very Dark Mahogany, 301 Medium Mahogany, 315 Medium Dark Antique Mauve, 316 Medium Antique Mauve, 400 Dark Mahogany, 402 Very Light Mahogany, 469 Avocado Green, 470 Light Avocado Green, 471 Very Light Avocado Green, 472 Ultra Light Avocado Green, 728 Topaz, 778 Very Light Antique Mauve, 780 Ultra Very Dark Topaz, 782 Dark Topaz, 783 Medium Topaz, 842 Very Light Beige Brown, 902 Very Dark Garnet, 930 Dark Antique Blue, 931 Medium Antique Blue, 932 Light Antique Blue, 934 Black Avocado Green, 935 Dark Avocado Green, 936 Very Dark Avocado Green, 937 Medium Avocado Green, 945 Tawny, 3022 Medium Brown Gray, 3023 Light Brown Gray, 3024 Very Light Brown Gray, 3032 Medium Mocha Brown, 3033 Very Light Mocha Brown, 3721 Dark Shell Pink, 3722 Medium Shell Pink, 3726 Dark Antique Mauve, 3727 Light Antique Mauve, 3750 Very Dark Antique Blue, 3752 Very Light Antique Blue, 3753 Ultra Very Light Antique Blue, 3770 Very Light Tawny, 3776 Light Mahogany, 3781 Dark Mocha Brown, 3782 Light Mocha Brown, 3790 Ultra Dark Beige Gray, 3802 Very Dark Antique Mauve, 3866 Ultra Very Light Mocha

Ref : 117ASSTS5

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