StitchBow™ Inserts


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Organize loaded DMC StitchBow Floss Holders in this transparent binder insert. You can organize them by color, number, or by project!

Each package contains 2 StitchBow Binder Inserts. Each insert holds 15 skeins.

Once your inserts are loaded, snap them into your Needlework Travel Bag or Binder.


Ref : U1242AS

Customer Reviews

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Nancy Thatcher / 01/25/2020

I have been embroidering since I was five years old ( almost 74 now) when my Grammies taught me. I used to have my threads on bobbins but they would always come loose and get tangled. Now I have almost every color made by DMC and I absolutely love the bow binder method of storing my floss. I have a couple of plastic bins that just fit the binder pages. The ones I am using are removed to pages in my binder. I always know just what is getting low and needs to be replaced. I probably have close to 100 pages as I have duplicates of the colors I use a lot of. I never want to have to wrap thread on a bobbin again!

kndsimpson / 01/05/2020

I make table coverings to order and have had a hard time over the years finding a way to store and organize floss. This system is the absolute best. The small cardboard winders leave creases that will not come out . The bow system will keep your floss just like new. The pages will not change the color of the skeins which is a major concern when you have hundreds of dollars worth of floss. I have both the full and mini size. The travel case works very well. I have several as I have multi projects going on. I can then pick the one that is set up best for the time I am traveling.

Judy Lipcsak / 01/01/2020

the Stitch Bow system has made my floss so easy to work with. Before Stitch Bow my floss was a mess. Now everything is in neat binders and starting a new project is simple. I love the Stitch Bow system. Putting new floss away takes seconds.

jdylip / 01/01/2020

I don't know what I would do without the Stitch Bow system! Before this my floss was a mess. Now everything is organized into binders and so easy to find. Putting new skeins of floss away takes seconds. I love Stitch Bows!!!!!!!

MND169 / 01/16/2019

I LOVE these so much!! I have a binder organized by color to keep it easy if I need to find a certain hue and also to help identify what colors I DON'T have when it's time to restock! I use separate pages to keep all the floss specific to a project together with the project pattern too. They are amazing!

Dottie Weirich / 11/22/2018

I am 70 years young, these bows, along with your stitchbow Roll Case are & have been my way of storing my threads (all DMC colors) ! With arthritis in my hands and fingers now , these bows are the only way I can continue my needle works. PLEASE don't make them so hard to find or stop production, along with your Roll Stitch Case inserts we who have grown up loving DMC's time tested quality we trust your products & that's a rarity in these changing times!