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Spring Plus Pantone


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Stitch your spring patterns with on trend colors using our exclusive DMC Spring Plus Pantone floss and thread assortment. You can guarantee your project will look great for years with DMC colorfast fade resistant floss and tarnish resistant metallic threads.

Perfect go-to floss and thread assortment for your next spring themed embroidery project. Pack includes a total of 10 skeins of Embroidery Floss, 4 spools of Diamant Metallic Embroidery Thread, 2 shuttles of Memory Thread, and 4 skeins of Color Variations thread.

Assortment Includes: * 10 skeins of embroidery floss * 4 spools of Diamant Metallic machine embroidery thread * 4 shuttles of Memory Thread * 4 skeins of Color Variations floss * Diamant is 100% Polyester * Diamant Spool Length: 35m (38.2yd) * Embroidery Floss and Color Variations are 100% Cotton * 100% Colorfast keeping colors consistent for years * Skein Length: 8m (8.7yd) * Memory Thread Length: 2.7m (3yd) * Memory Thread is 40% copper, 34% viscose, 23% cotton and 3% polyamid

Assortment Colors Include: *Embroidery Floss: DMC 349 Dark Coral (1 skein) DMC 3706 Medium Melon (1 skein) DMC 3716 Very Light Dusty Rose (1 skein) DMC 726 Light Topaz (1 skein) DMC 422 Light Hazel Brown (1 skein) DMC 703 Chartreuse (1 skein) DMC 3042 Light Antique Violet (1 skein) DMC 597 Turquoise (1 skein) DMC 799 Medium Delft Blue (1 skein) DMC 803 Ultra Very Dark Baby Blue (1 skein)

*Color Variations: DMC 4010 Winter Sky (1 skein) DMC 4020 Tropical Waters (1 skein) DMC 4150 Desert Sand (1 skein) DMC 4160 Glistening Pearl (1 skein) *Memory Thread: DMC 6210 Silver (1 shuttle) DMC 6330 Dark Green (1 shuttle) *Diamant Thread: DMC D168 Light Silver (1 spool) DMC D310 Ebony (1 spool) DMC D316 Pink Amethyst (1 spool) DMC D5200 White (1 spool)


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