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Sabae Hoop and Organizer Bundle - Marble

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Made from 70% cotton also known as Cellulose Acetate, these luxurious eco-conscious thread organizers and hoops pair together to create an amazing bundle. By using a hand-pressed process, they are made one by one. Japanese craftsmen create these one-of-a-kind items in the Fukui Prefecture of Sabae City, which is the world’s leading eyeglass production area. The unique color patterns and horse-shaped silhouette make them a one-of-a-kind, must have eye-catching accessory for your workstation. It's a perfect gift for the holidays!

- 5" Premium Hoop - Mixed Beige
- Premium Horse head Organizer - Mixed Beige


Included With Purchase

  • Sabae 5

    Sabae 5" Hoop - Mixed Beige

    Quantity : 1

  • Sabae Horsehead Floss Organizer -Mixed Beige

    Sabae Horsehead Floss Organizer -Mixed Beige

    Quantity : 1

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