The Stitchable Baby Bib: Two Patterns for a Stitchable Feeding Frenzy

Le 19 October 2016
Cross Stitch

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    The Stitchable Baby Bib: A Stitchable Feeding Frenzy

    Babies are adorable but let’s face it, they’ve got the table manners of well… babies, which is why this stitchable baby bib is a must-have item for the wee ones. It’s soft and features a 14-count stitching area. Of course it’s also stain-resistant and washable, which, let’s face it, are two must-have qualities when it comes to anything bundle-of-joy related. This particular bib is designed for newborns and babies up to six months. Any parent knows that this is a seriously bib-centric time in a baby’s life. With all the drooling, messy eating, and spitting up, new moms and dads can never have enough of them. So now that you’ve got a good shower gift idea, it’s time to talk stitching. We’ve got two cutie-pie patterns for fancying up the new arrival. One pattern features an oh-so-dapper tie, and the other features a gorgeously-glam necklace. It’s never too early for formalwear and these two designs set the scene for an adorably chic life (while still protecting their clothes from really gross spit up). So forget the wipe warmers and the other “helpful” gadgets. Go old-school and treat the parents-to-be with a baby gift essential. [caption id="attachment_5261" align="alignleft" width="301"]The Baby Bling Bib The Baby Bling Bib[/caption]     The Baby Bling Bib Project Sheet Baby-Bling-Bib-BODY [caption id="attachment_5257" align="alignleft" width="301"]The Neatnik Necktie Bib The Neatnik Necktie Bib[/caption]     The Neatnik Necktie Bib Project Sheet Neatnik Necktie Bib BODY [associated-products]   Love & Threads,   The DMC Team

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