Perfect Presents for the Newbie Crafter

Le 12 November 2015
Holiday DIY

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    Our Top Ten Gifts for Budding DIYers

      Do you have a friend or loved one that looks at handmade items longingly? Does he or she say things like, ‘I wish I could make that,’ or ‘I’ve always wanted to learn how to [insert craft here]? If so, you’ve got an aspiring crafter in your life. And with the holiday season in hot pursuit, we’ve got just the gifts to encourage their aspirations.   Here’s our advice and ideas for shopping for the DIY newbies out there: Common-Threads-43 Encourage. There’s no better way to support someone’s DIY pursuit than by helping them get better, and the DMC Embroider Starter Series does just that. Holiday-Shop_Editorial_9Holiday-Shop_Editorial_7 Supply. What could be better for a stitcher than thread? Give them the Christmas or Chanukah thread assortment so they can get started on the holidays DIY-style. And once they’ve got thread, they need all the accessories. That’s where these adorable bobbins come in. Made from wood reclaimed from ships that sailed in the 1920s, these charmers save thread like a champ. Then move on to our Memory Thread. Perfect for adding embellishments on things like needlepoint, cross-stitch, cards, and scrapbook pages, this thread will give their project a 3D effect. Common-Threads-61 Praise. Show them their work is worth admiring with our Embroidery Hoops. We’ve got them in brown and white. Not only can they use it to hold their work as they stitch, but when they’re finished, they can use it as a frame to show it off. Common-Threads-34 Grow. Expand their knowledge by giving them this Kumihimo Disk. Our laser-etched wood disks honor the Japanese threading tradition. And if this is for your bestie, let him or her know that this is the perfect tool for creating friendship bracelets. Holiday-Shop_Editorial_8Holiday-Shop_Editorial_3Work It Out. Newbie stitchers can hone their craft with the Sea Captain Embroidery Pattern Kit. Or help them warm up their skills with a Top This!™ holiday hat kit. These adorable hats are ideal for beginners because it can be completed in just three hours. Common-Threads-50  Inspire. A blank canvas is so outdated. Give them this Map Canvas Roll featuring a NYC transit map, so they can see where their inspiration takes them. Or there’s always DMC Tassel Fabric—a perfect vehicle for the imagination. From it they can create a number of home décor items like a tea towel or cushion cover. [associated-products] And there you have it, our gift guide for the emerging crafter. Lots of options, and lots of smiles. Viva la Handmade Revolution! The Commonthread Team          

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