Le 25 April 2016

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    It seems everybody is crazy busy these days. The family is running in twelve different directions. It’s hard to come together and have a meal with each other, no less spend real quality time. Crafters, however, have a secret weapon for bonding time: creative DIY projects that make you and your children want to stop and spend some time stitching. With that in mind, we thought we’d offer up our top five crafts for one-on-one time with your kids.  

    Top This

    hero1Crafting with creatures guarantees a good time. Top This! features a comfy, silky yarn that’s designed with three continuous textures, making it a cinch to knit a fabulous hat. But the real star of this project will be the spunky character included with each Top This! pack. Choose from 12 styles.  


    Kumihimo Come together and Kumihimo! Our Kumihimo Prism Sparkler Kit passes on a beautiful Japanese tradition while guaranteeing a good time with your kids. You can create (and trade) handmade friendship bracelets as a memento of your afternoon hanging together.  

    Subway Map Canvas Kit

    Map Canvas If you can craft it here, you can craft it anywhere! Our cool Map Canvas Kit  celebrates New York City with this digital print of Manhattan. You and your kin get to embroider your point of view right onto the design, creating a unique take on the City that Never Sleeps.  

    Cross Stitch Backpack

    Backpack Who knew school supplies could be a bonding experience? This screen-printed American Apparel Cross My Heart Backpack is just waiting for some customization.  

    Tablet Cover Needlepoint Kit

    Tablet Tapestry We know you usually spend your day trying to get your child away from their techie gadgets, but our DIY Needlepoint Tablet Cover Kit will have you raising the technology white flag (at least for the afternoon).   Bonus Project:

    Embroidery Starter Series

    Embroidery Starter If you’re a DIYer but your child is not, our Embroidery Starter Kit gives you a chance to pass down your love of stitching. It might just be the start of many embroidery filled afternoons together. [associated-products] So there you have it! Our favorite kid-friendly crafts. Six ways you and your child can forego running around for a relaxed afternoon hanging out and stitching together.   Viva la Handmade Revolution! The Commonthread by DMC Team

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