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OM-G: The Cross Stitch Yoga Mat

Le 28 November 2016
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    OM-G: The Cross Stitch Yoga Mat

      With today’s free pattern, we could simply say it’s a cool cross stitch yoga mat design. We could say that it’s a creative DIY gift idea for the yoga-lovers in your life. We could even say that it allows you to combine two very stress-relieving things: needlework and yoga. But while we could say all of those things, what we really want to say is that this cross stitch yoga mat is amazing because it says: “NAMAST’AY FLY”. Can’t you just see yourself getting a lift from the awesome messaging of your mat; thereby giving you renewed energy to face the downward dog position? Headstands don’t seem so daunting when your yoga mat has a sense of humor. But we digress… Whatever your reason is for deciding to take this om-inspired project on, we think it’ll leave you feeling stress free and invigorated. The recommended skill level is beginner, so this is truly a project for everyone. Go ahead and get your DMC embroidery floss and dive into this DIY diddy because we want you to NAMAST’AY FLY! [caption id="attachment_5747" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Cross Stitch Yoga Mat Cross Stitch Yoga Mat[/caption] Download the Project Sheet Here   [associated-products]     Love & Threads,   The DMC Team

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