How do you Kumihimo?

Le 17 September 2015

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    Here at the DMC offices, the Commonthread team has been braiding our hearts out with our new Kumihimo disks. We love this old Japanese art form, and we are bringing it back Commonthread style! Kumihimo is Japanese for “gathered threads.” Our intention is to gather friends while we gather threads. We are very excited to launch our new wooden laser etched Kumihimo disk with DMC thread assortments. We want to see what you're workin' with! Share your handmade creations with us on Instagram by tagging @CommonthreadUSA, we will pick our favorites and post them! Happy Braiding. View the tutorial below to make a basic branded friendship bracelet like this one: Common-Threads-26


    • Kumihimo Disk
    • 4 strands of floss about 45” long
      Our Kumihimo Kits and DMC Threads Assortments   [associated-products]  

    Step 1:

    Fold your 4 long strands of floss in half so that you have 8 strands and make a slip knot, this is the loop of the bracelet.  Product-Shoot-9-29-15-28

    Step 2:

    Cut one strand off so that now you have a total of 7 strands of floss.

    Product-Shoot-9-29-15-9Step 3: 

    Place the loop through the hole of the wheel Product-Shoot-9-29-15-29

    Step 4: 

    Place your threads, in any color variation, one thread on each of the long dashed lines on your kumihimo disk. One long dotted line should remain open. Product-Shoot-9-29-15-30

    Step 5:

    Hold the disk in your left hand and identify the open dotted line on your disk. Product-Shoot-9-29-15-30

    Step 6:

    Counting to the right – count three thread strands picking up the third strand. Product-Shoot-9-29-15-31 Product-Shoot-9-29-15-32

    Step 7: 

    Rotate your disk in your left hand clock-wise while moving the third thread counter-clockwise into the open dotted line on the disk.

    Product-Shoot-9-29-15-33Step 8: 

    Continue this pattern until your bracelet is the desired length (7 inches is pretty standard). Product-Shoot-9-29-15-34 Product-Shoot-9-29-15-35 Product-Shoot-9-29-15-36

    Step 9: 

    Remove the braid from the wheel, knot ends together.

    Step 10:

    Make another bracelet for a friend! Product-Shoot-9-29-15-26 Rock your bracelet all over town! Common-Threads-251

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