Le 17 August 2017
Meet the Maker

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    Catching Up With Abi Skinner

    Following our recent collaboration with talented textile designer, knitter, and illustrator Abi Skinner - we went to catch up with her on what tools she uses, where she finds inspiration and her love of textiles.

    1. Who taught you how to design/embroider/cross stitch/knit/crochet?

    I’ve always been able to draw from as long as I can remember. Though my mum was always very artistic and would buy me loads of art supplies as a child nobody really taught me as such, it all just came naturally to me. I have always been interested in different crafts but of course my skills and interests have developed a lot over time, especially through secondary school where I had amazing teachers who always pushed me, and this was when I developed a strong love for textiles and then again through university at Chelsea College Of Art And Design when I found a real passion for knitwear and felting.

    2. Looking back, what did that mean to you?

    It means an awful lot, my life would be completely different if I hadn’t pursued something creative, I can’t even imagine it! I have realised that I might not have gone into textiles specifically without my secondary school teacher, Mrs Setterfield. She introduced textiles to the school and I was one of the first students to study textiles for my GCSE’s and without her I probably would have found myself in a different creative industry. It’s sad though because not many students choose to study textiles at my old school which is really such a shame.

    3. What got you hooked?

    Though I love drawing and designing, my real passion is for the making, which is why I love knitting so much, both by hand and on my domestic knitting machine. I love being hands on and although I love colour and pattern, my real passion is for texture. I can’t go anywhere without feeling things!

    4. Have you passed your talents down? To who? If not, do you hope to pass your talents down? If so, to who?

    I can’t say that I have passed my skills down to anyone yet! But I do love the idea of teaching people that never had the opportunity or facilities to learn about textiles. I’ve heard about convicts in prisons being taught to knit which I think is an amazing idea and would love to be part of one day.

    5. Why do you think passing this down is so important?

    I think it is so important to teach people traditional crafts otherwise they can get lost. It’s quite amazing how crafts are coming back into fashion now though, you see embroidery all over the high street now and hand knitting has become really cool. It is so vital to get more people into crafts, especially young people, so that these crafts can live on.

    6. What is your fave stitch and DMC colour?

    My favourite stitches are chain stitch and french knots, especially when the knots all in a big clump, it creates an amazing texture when done on a large scale! My favourite colours are all the pinks, especially all the peachy tones and I think DMC has an amazing range of these.

    7. Where do you find inspiration?

    I find most of my inspiration in nature and the body actually, there are just amazing textures and colours that can be found in natural things. Though I do really enjoy being challenged and put out of my comfort zone and being asked to design a collection around something I wouldn’t usually have thought to! I find it really fun seeing what I can achieve and am often very happily surprised!

    You can download Abi's Intergalactic patterns HERE

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