Top 10 Embroidery Tips

Le 21 September 2015
Embroidery Patterns|Tutorials

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    By Jess Abbott, The Sewing Rabbit In a constantly moving fast paced world, the art of slow stitching is reemerging as a favorite pas- time for many seamstresses and DIYers. Lovingly working the needle and thread, artisans create thread masterpieces by hand, as a way to slow down and savor life. Whether you learned how to cross stitch as a child, like I did, or are just learning how to sew a backstitch, we want to help you bring your embroidery to the next level. Here are 10 ways to up your embroidery game, slow stitching your way to hoops of greatness! tips-1 1. Use the right needle for the job. Source via: Mary Corbet of Needle and Thread It’s easy to pick any needle for your embroidery project, but using the right needle for the specified job can go a long way. Mary Corbet of Needle and Thread has a lengthy index discussing different needle types, how you should store and organize them. tips-2 2. Learn the next level of embroidery stitches So you know how to backstitch and split stitch. Do you know how to feather stitch or do the lazy daisy? These classic embroidery stitches may seem tricky at first, but are found in many embroidery patterns. Don’t get frightened away, Kristen Valencia shows you how to do the top 10 most commonly used embroidery stitches. tips-3 3. Use thread conditioner. Source via: Thread Heaven Want your embroidery to last longer? Try Thread Heaven! Thread heaven is a conditioner meant to be used pre-stitching that makes the thread smoother, while protecting your it from fading, discoloration and more. Check out this article at the Zen of Making for the down low. Stitch sampler completed 4. Get fancy with it. Source via: crf_kitty, Flickr My, my, aren’t we getting fancy now. Ok, so you are beyond the basics...these flower circles (with link to free pattern download) are every embroidery lover’s dream. They would make a beautiful pillowcase! tips-5 5. Think outside the lines. Source via: Etsy Who told you that you needed to color inside the lines? Try negative space embroidery with this cool tutorial by Daisy Eyes for &Stitches! tips-6 6. Forget the fabric. Source via: Craftophilia Just because you are using an embroidery hoop, doesn’t mean you need to add fabric. Grab your favorite floss colors and start weaving your way in circles to beautiful art. tips-7 7. Pop art your hoop. Source via: 365 Lucky Days Wanna see just about the coolest embroidery you ever will see in your whole entire life? Try pop art embroidery. Lucky Jackson took on the challenge of creating one new piece of Pop Art embroidery every day for a year, and it left us wanting more days in the year. tips-8 8. Wear your embroidery with pride. Source via: The House that Lars Built Now that you are comfortable with what you are doing, let’s wear that bad boy with pride! Whether you embroider a collar, or take on the daunting task of embroidering a sweater, get it out in the public arena for everyone’s viewing pleasure. The House that Lars has a fabulous free collar to get you going. tips-9 9. Get cheeky. Source via: Gracey May Nothing says ‘I love what I do’ more than someone having fun at their job. So go ahead and laugh the night away with some fun sayings over the hoop and a glass of wine. Imagine your loved ones smiles when they open up this Christmas present... tips-10 10. Don’t forget to watch your back. Source via: Wild Olive Often times when embroidering, the back of your project needs to be just as mindful as the front. When working with items such as tea towels for example, the back of your embroidery will be on full display! Molly of Wild Olive shows us how to begin and end your stitches with perfection, creating a beautiful backing for every embroidery project. So go ahead, pull out your needle and thread and get to work! You know you want to. Our favorite Embroidery Supplies [associated-products]  

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