Work with DMC Pearl Cotton


    There are some handy tips on how to open your Pearl Cotton thread so that it stays neat and tidy as you work on your project.

    Pearl Cotton thread is non-divisible thread, so you won't be separating the strands. Stitchers love our Pearl Cotton thread because it has a beautiful luster and subtle texture. In fact, it got it's name because the twist is so beautiful it looks like tiny pearls.  


    • To make approximately 19 inch lengths of thread: Push the two labels toward the center. Find the end with the two loops and cut through the bottom of each loop. Move the labels back into place. Pick and pull out a single piece of thread from the top loop.


    • To make approximately 38 inch lengths of thread: Remove both labels and untwist the skein to form an oval. Cut through all the threads at one end of the oval. Pick and remove one thread for use as needed. To keep the threads neat for future use, put the color number label back onto the threads and slide it to the center. Fold the threads in half and set aside.

    Tip! Pearl Cotton is commonly stitched using one full strand for embroidery and is not doubled up to make a thicker thread. Instead, it also comes in three sizes; the choice depends on your type of project or preference. If you want a heavier thread, choose DMC Pearl Cotton size 3 or 5. If you are working a delicate stitch or using lightweight fabric, use Pearl Cotton size 12 or 8.

    Pearl Cotton 1  

    Pearl Cotton 11  

    Pearl Cotton 2
    Pearl Cotton Step 5  


    Pearl Cotton step 4