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How to use DMC's Loop2Loop Yarn

Le 08 November 2015
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    We are having so much fun with our new Loop2Loop yarn, the possibilities are endless! Check out how to use this yarn by taking a crochet hook and looping the ends together. This yarn makes it easy to loop together garments quickly. View our How-To illustration below.


    [associated-products] First, lay out your Loop2Loop flat and match up two lengths of yarn on top of each other. Line up the loops and start looping! CF_LoopyScarfX4 SF_LoopyScarfX4_rev CF_Loopy6 Print Print CF_Loopy3a CF_Loopy4 See how easy it is to hook together the loops! Check back soon for more patterns and updates on Loop2Loop yarn. c_0172 Easily loop together a lacy layer to wear. Viva la Handmade Revolution! The Commonthread Team

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