How To: Separate Your Floss Strands

Le 22 July 2015
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    How To
    your Floss Strands
    Many times you will hear us refer to our thread as floss. Floss is thread that is divisible.
    Six Strand Floss
    DMC is very well known for our beautiful vibrantly colored Floss. It is also known as Embroidery Thread or Mouline. All DMC Floss is divisible by 6 strands and is in a put-up hank that the industry refers to as a skein. We love our neat little thread skeins! Many times, you will not want to stitch with all 6 strands and will want to separate your strands. Most of our cross stitch patterns call for only 2 strands to stitch with. So to separate your floss strands, it's super simple and lucky for you, you are using DMC floss which never gets tangled (if you do what we tell you!) To start, find the end of the thread on your skein of DMC Floss. Gently pull on the tail of the thread to get a length of thread of about 18", that's generally  a good length of thread to work with. Put the skein aside.  Tap your fingertip on the end of the thread length you just cut and watch it pull slightly apart. Seperate your strands 1 To separate the floss into individual strands, pull one strand up and out slowly until it is completely separated from the remaining strands. Seperate your strands 2Seperate your strands 3 Continue to pull out the number of strands to use listed on your cross stitch chart or embroidery pattern. Rejoin the threads by holding them together at one end and gently stroking the length to smooth and recombine them. Tip! very crucial to this is to pull your thread UP and out, to prevent any tangling. Easy Peasy. [associated-products]

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