Gift Idea: Embroidered Notebook Project

Le 30 October 2015
Holiday DIY|Tutorials

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    Embroidered Notebook Project

    Word! Stitch your favorite word or phrase on this easy to follow embroidered notebook tutorial. This makes the perfect gift idea! Supplies


    • Notebook
    • Embroidery Scissors
    • DMC Tapestry Needles Size 24
    • DMC Light Effects Color E980
    • DMC Six Stand Embroidery Floss Color Blanc
    • Pencil
    • Masking Tape
    • Pricker
    • Foam Work Surface
    • Printed Pattern




    STEP 1
    With the pencil, mark the position of the Word in your notebook and fix it with masking tape. DMC#1-0185
    STEP 2 
    Use the pricker to make small holes around each letter. Don’t forget to use a foam work surface to protect your working table. DMC#1-0188
     STEP 3 
    With 2 strands of DMC Mouliné embroidery thread, embroider the diagonal lines across each letter. DMC#1-0189 This makes for a much more special notebook to fill. Choose your favorite DMC Thread color and get stitching! DMC#1-01721 Viva la Handmade Revolution! The Commonthread Team    

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