Embroidered Cloud Felt Wall Hanging

Le 30 September 2015
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    image1787We challenged our DIY Artisans with simple easy home decor projects to make for the fall season. Amber from Damask Love shows us her latest creation using our Woolly yarn and a skein of black Embroidery Floss. In Amber's words  When it comes to baby decor, pastels will just not cut it around here. We are a bright, bold household with colorful decorations to prove it. With that in mind, this fun and bright wall hanging was created to give your kiddo’s room a fun punch of color while still being adorable and child friendly. You can trust me when I say that this is easy to make - because if it wasn’t, there’s no way I would have…or could have tackled it. I am not a sewer. I am not a seamstress. Needle and thread are far from my besties. But this, I can do. And so can you. I’ll show you how.   supplies  

    Materials :

    • Rainbow of Woolly Yarn
    • White Felt
    • Scissors
    • Light blue embroidery floss
    • Embroidery needles
    • Black embroidery floss
    • Pillow stuffing
    • pencil
    • a piece of cardstock cut in the shape of a cloud to use as a template
    • (not shown) clear jewelry wire available at most craft stores


    1. Trace the cloud template onto the felt
    2. Cut out the template shape twice.
    1. Use the pencil to draw in the eyes of the cloud
    2. Following your pencil line, use a simple backstitch to create eyelids and eyelashes
    1. To create the eyelashes, just freehand it . They don’t need to be perfect!
    2. Thread the needle with light blue embroidery floss and begin using a backstitch to stitch together the edges of the two cloud shapes.
    1. Once you’ve stitched around the majority of the pillow, place stuffing inside then stitch up the remainder of the edge to close it off.
    2. Begin creating small tassels by wrapping the yarn around your hand as shown
    1. Tie off the top of the tassel
    2. Cut the bottom of the tassel and then wrap yarn around the upper portion of the tassel (not shown)
    1. Thread tassels onto clear wire tying each one onto the wire with a knot to keep it from sliding down.
      step 2image1817image1766    

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