Golden Skein: Behind the Scenes

Le 19 July 2016
Working with our Products

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    Limited Edition Collectors Item
    The Golden Skein

    In commemoration of 270 years of providing stitchers and makers with the finest textiles in the world, DMC has created the Golden Skein. This unique 24-karat gold-washed skein pays reverence to the brilliance of exceptional handwork.
    This extraordinary, limited edition collection was meticulously made by hand in our factory in Mulhouse, France. As with every tetile produced, DMC is proud of the craftsmanship behind creating the Golden Skein. As such, we are inviting you to take a behind-the-scenes look into how this extraordinary collection was made.

    “From one fine thread, a work of art is born”

    1746 - 2016
    270 years of creativity and innovation

    The Story of a Family and the Spirit of Innovation

      In 1746 Jean Henri DOLLFUS and two Alsatian entrepreneurs took advantage of the fashion for painted fabrics to become pioneers in the industrial production of “Indian,” hand-painted printed fabrics. After nearly a century of production, 800 employees were producing 34,000 items per year. DMC began producing sewing, embroidery, and crochet threads. In In the spring of 1800, Daniel DOLLFUS married Anne-Marie MIEG, who became part of the company—a woman who was integral to a female-oriented business.  DOLLFUS MIEG & Co was born. In 1850, DMC discovered chemist John Mercer’s invention, “mercerising,” the treating cotton thread with caustic soda, giving it strength, longevity, and a silky and bright appearance. The result, “DMC Spécial Mouliné” or embroidery floss, became the world’s most sold embroidery thread, renowned by every embroiderer for its technical qualities, ease of use, and incredible range of colors.

    Fragments of Indian fabric printed by Dollfus-Mieg & Co in 1800 DMC archives Mulhouse


      DMC has created a unique symbol of our heritage to share with a world that reveres the artistry and beauty of meticulous handwork. The ultimate symbol of our world is also the most appreciated product by every embroiderer: DMC Embroidery Floss.  

    Introducing The Golden Skein, in an exclusive and limited edition

     Entirely Handmade
    • The precious composition does not allow machine tension for the construction.
    • A unique artisanal system for manual production was designed and handmade.
    • Such a system cannot be find anywhere in the world.
    • From thread wrapping to labeling, production of one skein takes 2 minutes.
    gs   gss    gsss    gssss    making golden skein - body   

    The thread is blocked with traditional sealing wax, made in France by a century old producer. The sealing wax is laid down on the thread entirely manually




    • A numbered Golden Skein
    • A certificate of authenticity.
    • A 24 page bound book narrating DMC’s venerable history plus 19th century stitching charts from the DMC archives in Mulhouse
    • French and English texts plus booklet with translations in 12 languages
    • A gift card for giving
    • Embossed ribbon tie box
    • Historical DMC logo colors

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