Crochet Ear Muffs

Le 24 January 2016

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    Since the temperatures are now finally dropping here in New York, we are going to offer free winter knitting and crochet projects. Over the next few weeks you can be staying indoors cozy and crochet the proper garments to keep you warm when you go out and play in the snow. You'll also be the cutest snow bunny in town! Main 11 Get this trendy crochet earmuff pattern below. main 1


    • DMC Woolly – One 50g ball each of colors 062, 073, 093, and 101
    • G/6 (4mm) crochet hook
    • Polyester fiberfill
    • Thin cardboard
    • Purchased plastic hair band
    • DMC Tapestry needle
    • Scissors
    [associated-products]   Abbreviations Rnd - Round ch - chain sl st - slip stitch st - stitch dc - double crochet  
    Hair band cover
    With DMC Woolly, color 073 Work a foundation chain equal to the length of the hair band. At the desired length, ch 1 and turn. Row 1: Sc into the 2nd ch from the hook and in each following ch. Ch 1 and turn. Rows 2 – 7 or 8: Sc in each sc of the previous row. Ch 1 and turn.   The total number of rows worked will depend on the width of your hair band. Work yours so it wraps around the band with a bit of a stretch.   Stretch and sew the crocheted cover over the hair band with the seam on the inside.   Once the band is done put it aside and start working on the ear muffs.  
    Ear muffs - Inside (Make 2)
    With DMC Woolly, color 093 Make a magic ring and ch 2. (All Ch 2 do not count as a st.) Rnd 1: 6 dc in the magic ring. Pull to close. Join with sl st. Ch 2. (6 sts) Rnd 2: 3 dc in each st around. Join with sl st. Ch 2. (18 sts) Rnd 3: [Dc in next st, 2 st in next dc] nine times. Join with sl st. Ch 2. (27 sts) Rnd 4: [Dc in next st, 2 dc in next st, 2 dc in next st] nine times Join with sl st. Ch 2. (45 st) Rnd 5: Dc in each st of the previous rnd. Join with sl st. (45 st)  
    Ear muffs - Outside (Make 1 in each of two colors)
    With DMC Woolly, color 063 or 101 Make a magic ring and ch 2. (All Ch 2 do not count as a st.) Work Rounds 1 – 5 as for the Ear Muffs – Inside. Rnd 6: Ch 2. [Dc into the next 3 sts, skip the 4th st] and repeat to the end of the round. Join with a sl st in the top of the Ch 2 from the beginning of the rnd. (34 sts)
    Before assembling the ear muffs, embroider the two outside pieces using a tapestry needle and DMC Woolly. Use the photo as inspiration or create your own design. Stitch both sides identically or change them up.  
    Cut a thin cardboard circle a bit smaller than the ear muffs. Fill the inside and outside ear muffs pieces with polyester fiberfill. Position the cardboard in the middle between the two sides.   With the tapestry needle and a length of Woolly, sew the inside and the outside of the ear muff together. Leave a gap at the top to insert the hair band.   Insert the hair band into the gap. Approximately 1¼” of each end of the band will be buried inside the muffs.   Sew each ear muff on to the hairband. Cut and weave ends. Main 22 Put them over your ears to keep warm during this cold season! Love and Threads, The Commonthread Team                  

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