Woolly Crochet Devil Horns

Le 30 September 2015
Halloween DIY

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    This cool Woolly crochet devil headband will make for a perfect easy DIY Halloween costume. We have them available for you ready-made and ready to wear in our Halloween stitching shop, and we have the pattern for you below so you can make them yourself. Blog_image1 [associated-products]  


    STITCHES: Chain (ch), Half double crochet (HDC), Increase (inc): 2 sc in next st, single crochet (sc) PATTERN: 1 ball of woolly will make about 2 headbands.


    Headband: Ch 10
    R1: Hdc in 3rd ch from hook (Count as hdc), hdc in every ch across. Ch2, turn. (8hdc). R2: Ch 2, turn, work hdc across the row. Repeat row 2 until headband is 21 inches or desired length. Try the headband as you work to have the correct measurement. When desired length is reached. Fasten off and cut yarn leaving a 12 inch tail for seaming. Seam the short ends of the headband using whip stitch. Weave in all ends.
    Horns: Ch2 R1: 4 sc in 2nd ch from hook R2: Inc in every st around. (8 sc) R3-4: Sc in every st around. R5: Inc in the first 2 sc, sc in every sc around. (10 sc) R6, 8, 10: Sc in every sc around. R7: Inc in the first 2 sc, sc in every sc around. (12 sc) R9: Inc in the first two stitches, sc to end of round (14 sts) R11: Inc in the first to stitches, sc to end of round (16 sts) Fasten off. Cut yarn leaving a 12 inch tail for seaming. Assembly: Stuff horns lightly with fiberfill stuffing and sew one horn to the headband. Try the headband on to figure out proper placement of the horns. Sew the 2nd horn in place. For pointy horns, finish off by weaving in all your ends. For horns that bend toward center, use the yarn tail stitch down onto the headband from the inside. Now you are ready for a devilishly good time!  

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