Crochet Basics

Le 06 January 2016

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    Tired of your DIY envy? Determined to learn a craft?   Why not crochet?   When you crochet you can create everything from wearable items to home décor pieces. More importantly when someone asks you where you got whatever you made, you can say (while smiling broadly), ‘I didn’t buy it. I made it!’   So, in support of your future crocheting addiction, we have a few tips to get you started.  

    Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

    Before you start picking out yarn and hooks, you should check out patterns to see what gets you excited. You can look at the inspiration section on the DMC website, or you can look through needlework catalogs, crochet leaflets, magazines, or visit craft and bookstores. We're loving this cute finger puppets one!   Once you’ve picked your fave pattern, your next step is to go through it to determine everything you’ll need for the project (including the type of thread or yarn, hook size, and row-by-row instructions). If that sounds daunting, no fear, DMC has created a page dedicated to Reading a Crochet Pattern. It explains basic terminology, common abbreviations, and symbols.  

    Getting Hooked

    Now that you can read your pattern, it’s time to get your yarn (or thread) and the appropriate hook. Now you’re ready to begin… but not before checking out DMC’s How to Crochet pages. Not only will you find helpful information, there’s also a Stitch Guide and tips on Blocking and Finishing your project.  

    Now Your Stitching

    Once you’re a fully fledged crochet’r, check out DMC’s Crochet Patterns page to download free patterns.   Remember, we want to see what you’ve created using DMC’s products, so be sure to share!   Good luck!

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