How To: Stitch with Satin Thread

Le 23 July 2015
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    How to
    With DMC Satin Thread
    DMC Satin floss is lustrous and smooth.  Our stitchers love it for it's silky texture and high shine factor you get when creating with it.

    Satin Thread stitching tips:

    • For easy handling, try moistening the thread with a damp cloth before threading the needle.  The threads will quickly dry but will flatten slightly allowing you to stitch more easily.

    • Using a thread conditioner like Thread Heaven can also smooth the thread without sacrificing the sheen of the thread.  The conditioner will give you more control in placing the threads with more precision.

    • If your satin thread becomes twisted while stitching, simply drop the needle and allow the thread to unwind itself.

    • To assure you get the best results take your time.  By stitching slowly you’ll have better control over the placement  and laying of your stitches.


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