Le 29 January 2020
Cross Stitch

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    What's the perfect cross-stitch piece for your mantle? A family portrait of course! The stitching community has the Stitch People team to thank for seemingly endless charts on making the perfect family heirloom with your favorite DMC floss. Finished Stitch People projects also make for heartfelt gifts that are sure to bring smiles and happy tears! Creator Lizzy Dabcynski started her business hand stitching and selling her finished portraits in 2013. Now, we have her to thank for all the ins and outs of stitching your loved ones. 

    We have another gift to thank the Stitch People team for, their first EVER event! Power couple Lizzy and Spencer are excited to connect with the stitching community face to face. At this event, there will be classes that go beyond the stitches. Aside from the exciting techniques to be covered, join Lizzy in Utah to expand your stitching network and learn how to build a business with the materials Lizzy has created! 

    Learn how to join Lizzy in Utah February 1st, 2020 here.

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