DMC accepts multiple payment methods for your purchase. All payment methods are secure. 
    • Major credit card providers: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover 
    • Bank Card 
    • PayPal 
    • Product Vouchers 


    Where do I enter my payemt information? 
    After you've made all your selections for purchase, we encourage you to review your basket. When reviewing your basket you may also enter any coupons or promotional offers. If you are satisfied with your basket, click "continue to checkout" and proceed to enter the necessary shipping and billing information. 

    When will I be charged for my order? 
    When we receive your order we will proceed with a credit card pre-authorization for your purchase amount. Your transaction will be fully settled  when your order is in transit as our system processes your tracking notification. If paying with PayPal, your transaction is settled completely at the time of purchase. If paying with a product voucher covering the complete order total, your transaction is settled at the time of purchase. 

    Can I split my payment? 
    At this time, DMC only accepts one credit or bank card payment per order. You may however combine product vouchers less than your order total with a credit or bank card payment. 

    I have questions about a payment on a past order, who do I contact? 
    The DMC customer service team is happy to help settle any and all inquiries you many have! You may submit your concerns or feedback here

    I forgot to enter my promo code when reviewing my basket! Can I enter it at checkout? 
    At the moment, all promo codes must be entered to your basket prior to checkout. 

    Does accept international payents?
    At this time, the only international payments we accept are payments issued from Canada. If you are shopping outside of the US, we encourage you to shop from the most appropriate international website.

    How do I pay with Paypal? 
    PayPal is a third party service we partner with to provide an extra level of privacy. DMC will never be previewed to the payment account information you used to place your order. You may simply complete your order by logging into your PayPal account. Through your PayPal account you may pay for your order with a credit card, bank account, or active Paypal balance. For more information on PayPal and their service, please vist the PayPal help center

    Does DMC offer gift cards for payment? 
    Gift Cards are currently unavailable in the USA. 


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