Make A Poinsettia Ornament

    designed and authored by Alexandra Stratkotter of Florals and Floss Embroidery
    I’m a huge fan of Christmas, Tapestry Wool, and DMC. So when DMC reached out to see if I would be interested in creating something holiday-inspired with Tapestry Wool, I jumped at the chance! I chose to make an ornament because every year we add a special ornament to our tree. Below you’ll find my process of how I made the ornament!

    Poinsettia Ornament

    First, you’ll need your materials. I chose to use the new DMC Charles craft linen, but you can use any fabric you have on hand. I do find linen and felt are the easiest to stitch tapestry wool with. 100% cotton tends to be woven a bit too tight.


    1. Begin your ornament by tracing your pattern. I placed my pattern behind the magic paper, and traced over the outlines with a pencil. Then cut your pattern in a circle and place it on your hooped fabric.

    Tracing Step 1 Pattern Placement

    2. To begin stitching you’ll need to thread your Tapestry Wool. The easiest way to do this is by using a needle threader. Simply place the threaders hook into the eye of the needle, place the end of the wool in the hook, and then pull the hook back through the needle's eye.

    Needle Threading Threaded needle.

    3. Fill in the poinsettias using a satin-stitch. Then, using your contrast color, place a single stitch starting ¾ up the petal, and ending it in the center.

    Poinsettia Petals Poinsettia Petals Filled

    4. Finish the poinsettias by placing a French knot or two in the center.

    French Knot Poinsettia Center

    5. Stitch the budding leaves by satin stitching the leaves first, then backstitch the stems. Fill in the buds with a satin stitch as well.  

    Poinsettia Leaves Poinsettia Blooms

    6. Use a simple backstitch for the light green pine branches. You can leave your ornament as is, or add some shimmer (it is a holiday ornament, after all). Either way, you’ll want to rinse away the Magic Paper now. 

    Poinsettia Pattern

    7. Rinse away the DMC Magic Paper by removing the fabric from the hoop and running the linen under warm water. You may need to gently agitate the paper with your fingers to help remove it. Once it’s rinsed away, let the fabric dry. Luckily linen and wool both dry quite quickly! Once the fabric dries, center it in your embroidery hoop once again. From here you can finish the ornament with a backing, or you can add some shimmer!

    8. If you want to add some sparkle to your ornament take your green DMC Light effects floss and thread your needle. Sometimes Light Effects floss can be challenging to get through the eye. Using a needle threader can be helpful! You can also add a bit of tape to the end of the floss to keep the strands from separating, which will make it much easier to thread. Once you have your strands through the eye of the needle, bring your needle to the center of your floss and knot the opposite end. This will double the strands to nicely match the thick texture of the Tapestry wool.

    DMC Light Effects DMC Accessories

    9. Using your Light Effects floss, place a simple straight stitch in the center of your dark green leaves.

    Metallic Closeup

    10. Finish your stitching by adding some little French knots in the empty spaces of the pattern. 

    Poinsettia Pattern

    11. Now that your ornament is stitched you can add a backing to your hoop to hide any mess. Take the inner circle of your hoop and trace the inside onto a piece of felt.

    Finishing Your Hoop

    12. Trim your fabric so there’s only ½ inch of excess around the edge of the hoop.

    Back Of Stitched Hoop

    13. Take any color of embroidery floss and stitch the piece of felt to the back of the ornament, tucking in any of the excess fabric while you stitch around the felt circle.

    Attaching Your Backing Attaching Your Backing
    Finished Backing

    14. Finally, cut a piece of Tapestry Wool and knot it together. Slide it through the hardware of your hoop and, voila! You have a Christmas ornament!

    Finished Poinsettia Ornament