Let It Snow With Diamant

by Sara Shoemaker, @TheKitschyStitcher
Le 23 December 2019
Holiday DIY

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    I knew I would love DMC’s new metallic thread when they reached out to me about it, but when I saw the Diamant Grandé. in person, I was truly amazed at the quality and shine! I’ve always loved a bit of sparkle and shine in my life. Sadly, I have shied away from using much metallic embroidery thread in my projects because it can be quite difficult to work with. This is mainly because of the unravelling and fraying thread. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this thread was wound differently than previous metallic threads, making it fray much less! There is still a small amount of fraying as you sew with it, but not nearly as much as in previous metallics.

    I used the gold color G3821 on the entire design.

    The Diamant Grandé is equivalent to 4 strands of regular cotton thread, can you believe it?! It really makes an impact on your embroidery. I drew my design out first, then transferred it onto my fabric using my transfer pen with my light table. So easy!


    French knots are still a little difficult with metallic thread, but I found them to be much easier with the Diamant Grandé! Once I did a few I got the hang of it, though. I find that the trick to getting the metallic thread to lay flat and tidy is to pull each stitch tight as you do the stitch after it to secure it into place. 

    Almost every element in this design is done with simple Backstitch! Amazing what you can do with only a few supplies and techniques.

    The sparkle and shine are even pretty when the picture is out of focus! I wish you could see how shiny it is in person. I could also imagine this design with the dark grey Diamant Grande thread, on light fabric. Or even the silver Diamant on dark grey fabric! The only limit is your imagination.

    Grab your Diamant thread today, I promise you won’t regret it! It’s a dream to sew with! Thanks for reading! Click  here  for details on a special offer for you! Be sure to follow Sara Shoemaker, @TheKitschyStitcher, on Instagram for further pattern details. 

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