project authored exclusively for DMC by Jessica Long of @jessicalongembroidery
    Holiday Wreath Project

    This fun, festive embroidery pattern features thick, textured DMC Pearl cotton. I played with different thicknesses and colors, even bringing in a variegated skein and a metallic silver! Follow along to make your own unique double hoop embroidery wreath, or choose to stitch the design in a tradition single hoop format and add some holiday cheer in the center with a custom quote. If you do choose to create a double hoop you can use it as a wreath (try the 12 inch size!) or even as a frame for photographs or other embroidery art. This project makes a fantastic holiday gift, or keep it for your own mantle!  


    Holiday Wreath Supplies

    Supplies: Shop With Jessica Long

    • 4 inch and 7 inch wooden embroidery hoop*
    • DMC Embroidery Transfer Pen
    • Large eyed hand embroidery needles (size 1 to 3)
    • Pearl size 3 in colors 321, 815, 347 and 890
    • Pearl Cotton ball size 8 in color B5200
    • Silver Metallic Pearl color 5283
    • Soft green linen blend fabric, ~10 inches square (15 inches square for the larger wreath)
    • Wood stain and/or varnish
    • Fabric scissors

    *Option to create larger wreath using 7 and 12 inch hoops, or just use one hoop if you prefer a traditional look


    4 Inch Hoop 7 inch hoop


    To begin, assemble the double hoop using your two regular embroidery hoops and a cut of linen blend fabric. Using a loosely weaved fabric such as a linen blend will make it easier to pull any wrinkles from the double hoop. First, hoop up the smaller hoop, centered on your cut of fabric. Next, flip the fabric over so the smaller hoop is facing down. Now hoop up using the larger embroidery hoop, centering the smaller hoop. Pull as much slack as possible but know that you’ll be able to remove more wrinkles in the final step.


    Tip: You can find more information about double hoop assembly and a video tutorial here.


    Tracing Step 1 Tracing Step 2


    Next, cut out the printed embroidery pattern and place it behind the fabric. If using the smaller design for the 7 inch hoop you will need to cut the design in half and then arrange it behind the screw of the smaller inner hoop. If you are using the larger design, please see the diagram[MOU1]  for guidance in arranging the three pattern sections to recreate the wreath design. Secure the pattern behind the fabric with tape or pins. Hold your double hoop up to a bright window and trace the design directly to the fabric using a water-soluble fabric pen.



    Holiday Wreath by Jessica Long Detail

    Begin stitching the embroidery design, starting with the woven wheel roses using the three red hued skeins of chunky Pearl size 3. Next create the fir branches using chain stitch. For these stitches we are using variegated pearl to create some fun color variation. Add straight stitch details as indicated in the diagram[MOU2]  if desired. Use the dark green Pearl to add small straight stitch leaves near the roses.


    Holiday Wreath by Jessica Long Detail 2

    The final festive details are made using straight stitch flowers with two different flosses threaded on your needle. Cut equal lengths of silver metallic Pearl and bright white number 8 Pearl. Thread these fibers together on a large eyed embroidery needle and start stitching! Mixed together on your needle this combination brings a bright glittery cheer to your holiday hoop.


    Hoop Fixing 1 Hoop Fixing 2

    Tip: As you stitch you will notice that the screw from the small embroidery hoop is in your way! I stitch around this obstacle and then shimmy the screw out of the way to then stitch behind it. To do this I loosen the screw and rotate the outer hoop so that the screw is now over a section that has already been stitched. Tighten the screw back up and complete your stitching.


    When you’ve completed the design remove the embroidery hoops and rinse the guidelines from your fabric. While the fabric dries you may choose to stain and varnish your embroidery hoops to give them a more finished look. You’ll only need to stain the outer hoop of the larger sized embroidery hoop and then the inner hoop of the smaller sized embroidery hoop. Be sure to let everything dry completely before hooping back up in the double hoop format.


    Finish Your Wreath Finish Your Wreath Step 2

    Finish Your Wreath Step 3

    To finish, use scissors to trim excess fabric around the outer hoop, leaving about 1 inch excess. Then cut the center fabric as pictured, trimming the tips of the triangle shapes. Use extra floss to lace the two sides of the fabric together behind the wreath. Be sure that your hoops are nice and tight and that you are smoothing out any wrinkles as you stitch back the fabric. Use multiple lengths of floss if needed and tie them together to secure. Remember no one will see the back of your wreath so don’t worry too much about how it looks! 


    Jessica Long Portrait

    “I love DMC threads - the colors, the textures, the varieties! I’m always inspired from a handful of floss. When designing my embroidery patterns I can always find the perfect thread from their collection.”

    Jessica discovered hand embroidery during maternity leave as a way to relax and have some creative time for herself. Her love of nature (and background in biology) is evident in her animal and floral hand embroidery designs.