Le 16 December 2019

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    Let's Stitch a Tinsel Tree With Diamant Grandè!

    by Kristen Gula, @gulushthreads
    Learn better by watching videos? Click play to learn how to make a Tinsel tree. Or, keep scrolling for a list of materials and a step-by-step guide. 

    The Inspiration Behind The Project

    One of my favorite parts of the holidays is decorating the Christmas tree with my family. 

    That’s why when DMC sent me their new Diamant Grande line, I knew exactly what I was going to be making with the extra thick, shiny metallic goodness: a colorful tinsel tree!

    Now, after spending way too much time admiring (and drooling) over the new thread, I was struck with the desire to stitch something that would spark a feeling of nostalgia with the centuries-old tinsel tree, but with a fun modern twist! I knew from the moment I finished the design, that I was going to have to take it a step further and use another DMC product (that I love so much) to really make this design special: a stitchable metal mesh (meaning every single item used in this project is by DMC)! So, let’s grab all of that DMC goodness and then let’s dive into this project together (one I am so excited to share with all of you)!

    Tinsel Tree Ornament Project Supplies

    Let’s Transfer Our Pattern!

    Due to the open weave of the stitchable mesh, you won’t need a light source to transfer this pattern!

    • Print the pattern out on white paper (making sure to size it, so it will fit in the hoop of your choice). 

    • Set the gold side of the mesh in the hoop so the silver side is facing away from you  (I chose the silver side of the mesh for this project, so I set the gold side facing me for transferring. If you want to do the gold side of the mesh, have the silver side set in the hoop for transferring).

    Tinsel Tree Pattern Transfer

    • Flip the hoop face down on top of the pattern (the side you want to stitch your tinsel tree on will now be facing you aka the silver side).

    • Take a bullet tipped permanent marker and trace over the mesh, following the pattern (be aware that permanent markers bleed through paper, so make sure to protect your surface before tracing the pattern)!

    • Once you are finished transferring the pattern, take the mesh out of the hoop and flip the mesh, so the transferred pattern is now facing you on your desired side of the mesh (for me, that was the silver side). 

    Tinsel Tree Pattern Transfer

    Your pattern is now transferred and ready to be stitched!

    Now it’s almost time to stitch up our tinsel tree, but before we can thread our needles and get to work, we need to talk a little bit about the stitchable mesh and the metallic thread (and how to work with them to make this project easier and more fun)!


    How to Work with Diamant Grande Metallic Thread!

    The Diamant Grande thread is a lot thicker than the regular Diamant thread (6-ply thread vs. 3-ply thread) which, luckily, makes it harder for the thread to get twisted and tangled (which can happen with metallic thread). Now, this does not guarantee that the grande thread won’t twist and tangle, but if it does - you can easily flip your hoop upside down and let your thread and needle dangle for a bit to unwind.

    Diamant Grandè Close-up

    Now the thread ends may also begin to unravel with each new stitch, so use smaller lengths of thread (length of elbow to fingertips) to prevent unravelling when stitching on the mesh (and be aware that the thread might also get caught on the metal mesh, so avoid pulling too hard to prevent the mesh from causing the thread to unravel).

    How to Work with the Stitchable Mesh!

    Be aware that anything you stitch may be visible through the stitchable mesh. Avoid ghosting/travelling thread as much as possible. Travelling, or ghosting refers to a thread that moves across the back of the embroidery... To prevent this when needing to move your thread from one spot to another, turn your hoop upside down and weave your thread through the backside of the stitches.

    Stitchable Mesh Close-Up

    You also won’t be able to knot your Diamant thread before stitching (since the knot will pull through the mesh), so here’s the best way I’ve found to knot my thread as I’m stitching:

    Stitchable Mesh and Diamant Grandè
    • Anchor a tail (between 2-3 inches long) by using your thumb to hold the thread down.

    • Place a few stitches on the mesh (those stitches will now be your new anchor) and then lift your thumb off the tail.

    • Once you are done with stitching with that piece of thread, weave the remainder thread back in the direction of the first tail (to make this possible, you will have to be aware of your length of thread while you are stitching, too short & you won’t be able to move on to the next step).

    • Once both tails are next to each other, take the tails and tie them together in a knot or two (this will help keep the thread secure on the metal mesh).

    • Take some scissors and cut the tails to the knot.

    • If you are concerned about the thread coming undone once you have finished the project, you can take some hairspray and spray the back of the mesh to help hold the knots in place!


    Click To Print The Tinsel Tree Pattern 

    So we’ve gathered our materials, transferred our pattern, and covered some awesome tips for working with the mesh and metallic thread, I think the only thing left for us to do now is put that needle and thread to work and stitch up the pattern!

    Follow this pattern breakdown to complete your tinsel tree and if you are needing any help figuring out the stitches used for this pattern, head on overto this video where I demonstrate them on my Youtube Channel! Now, once you have finished stitching the pattern, it’s time to finish the embroidery in the hoop for display!

    Tinsel Tree Pattern Finishing

    To complete your finished hoop:

    • Take a pair of large scissors and cut the remainder of the mesh away from the hoop, making sure to cut as close to the hoop as possible.

    • If needed, take sharp embroidery scissors and cut any remainder mesh.

    Once you are done cutting the mesh, you can then display your hoop for everyone to see (& admire)!

    Tinsel Tree Ornament

    Friends, I had so much fun working with the new
    Diamant grande on this project (and then sharing it with all of you)! I put my finished “ornament” on our Christmas tree, so the sparkly lights can shine through the mesh (which is such a cool effect)! But, you can place yours anywhere: perhaps propped up on a bookshelf or just hanging on the wall! The possibilities are endless and I just can’t wait to see how yours turns out!

    So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your materials and, once you are done making your own tinsel tree - share some photos of your project! Just make sure to tag DMC and myself (@gulushthreads), so we can see and share them! Happy Holidays, friends. May all your nights be stitchy and warm!

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