Le 01 September 2021
Meet the Maker

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    Get To Know Sila Gur

    "I’ve always loved to be productive and creative since my childhood years. I studied Fine Arts, Fashion&Textile Design and Fashion Styling in the past. Hand embroidery gives me the opportunity to use all my skills in one. I love turning threads into a modern piece of art, and sharing it with the world is a bliss!"
    We got the chance to get to know Sila. Below are some questions that she so kindly answered for DMC.
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    How would you describe your style in three words?

    Contemporary, Stylish, Realistic

    How long have you been stitching for?

    I have been stitching for three years (I started embroidery in October 2018)

    What are your embroidery essentials?

    My embroidery essentials are firstly DMC stranded cotton threads as they are the best quality embroidery threads as well as  come with a wide range of colour options that is perfect for thread painting. Secondly, a sturdy hoop stand which is perfect for freedom of movement. Then sharp end size 5 embroidery needles, embroidery scissors, bobbins and storage boxes all from DMC are my must-haves.

    What inspires you?

    Fashion bloggers/influencers, top models with cool street styles are my biggest inspiration. When it comes to making colour choices, I mostly get inspired by the nature.


    What’s your favourite stitch?

    My favourite stitch for thread painting is long and short split stitches. I also love adding french knots to my works.


    What’s your favourite piece of work?

    Ahh it’s really hard to pick only one work since I put all my love and passion into each piece. But if I have to, I would say it’s my latest work which is called “Blooming Season”.


    How did you learn how to stitch?

    I’m a self-taught artist. I tried embroidery 3 years ago and fell in love right away, and I have never been getting bored of it even a second.



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