Get To Know Lizzy Bean

    Around the end of her college years, Lizzy began working on family portraits to give her family members for Christmas and delighted passing time between classes stitching. Now over 500 portraits have been designed and stitched for families all over the world. We got the chance to get to know Lizzy a little more. Below are some questions that she so kindly answered for DMC. For more on Lizzy follow @stitchpeople on Instagram or visit Stitch People online.
    1. How would you describe your style in three words?
      Streamlines, resourceful, playful

    2. How long have you been stitching for?
      I've known how to cross-stitch for around 25 years, but I've only actively cross-stitched for approximately 12 of them.

    3. What are your embroidery essentials?
      Lots of colorful floss options, sharp clippers or scissors, a Q-snap, and good light! Oh, and lots of needles in case I drop and misplace them...

    4. What inspires you?
      Anything. Everything. I try to see beauty wherever I can. I find when I make up my mind to be and become inspired, I am! And I'm wildly inspired by people who are unapologetically, authentically who they are. People who choose to unabashedly express themselves make me a little giddy. I look up to them.

    5. What’s your favorite stitch?
      BULLION. It's so fun and pretty and effective!

    6. What’s your favorite piece of work? 
      My very first Stitch People portrait, though it pales in comparison to what I can do now.  It was for my Mom for Christmas, and she was so delighted and surprised! I was so so proud of it. It's that feeling that I absolutely Iove to see captured for others, to make something for someone - that is meaningful to you AND to them too.

    7. How did you learn how to stitch? 
      I learned from my Mom and Grandma (Mom's mother). Grammy did printed cross-stitch patterns, but my mom did counted cross-stitch which intimidated Grammy but intrigued me. I remember my mom teaching me to use a highlighter to go over the sections of my pattern I'd completed to keep track. It made me feel so cool to use grown-up office supplies!


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    All About Stitch People

    What's the perfect cross-stitch piece for your mantle? A family portrait of course! The stitching community has the Stitch People team to thank for seemingly endless charts on making the perfect family heirloom with your favorite DMC floss. Finished Stitch People projects also make for heartfelt gifts that are sure to bring smiles and happy tears! Creator Lizzy Dabcynski started her business hand stitching and selling her finished portraits in 2013. Now, we have her to thank for all the ins and outs of stitching your loved ones.

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