Le 01 September 2021
Meet the Maker

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    Get To Know Cassandra Dias

    Cassandra Dias started her embroidery journey in January of 2020 which ultimately provided her with a great creative outlet throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then she has been able to develop her own personal embroidery style that has enabled her to grow a huge following. While her main focus is embroidery she aslo enjoys crocheting, painting, and ceramics.We had the chance to get to know Cassie a little more. Below are questions that she so kindly answered for DMC.
    For more on Cassandra follow @cassiemdias on Instagram

    1. How would you describe your style in three words?
        Summing up my embroidery style in 3 words was not an easy thing to do, but after a lot of thought, I believe the best words to describe my work are: peaceful, picturesque, and meticulous.

    2. How long have you been stitching for?
        I started stitching in January 2020 during the pandemic lockdown as a way to pass the time, and also as a sort of mental escape which let my mind visit beautiful places while being stuck at home.

    3. What are your embroidery essentials?
        I stick with the basics as far as my essentials go: embroidery floss, needle, scissors, canvas, hoops, and a water soluble pen. That’s all I really need.

    4. What inspires you?
        I am inspired by so many things, but traveling to and exploring new places is something that I really enjoy. In addition to traveling, I also have a love for vintage oil paintings. Somewhere along the way on my embroidery journey, I sort of meshed these two passions together, examples of which can be seen in my work.

    5. What’s your favorite stitch?   
        My favorite stitches are satin stitch and French knots. The perfectionist in me thinks it’s really enjoyable to try to get the satin stitches as smooth as possible, and I don’t know what it is about them, but I just love making those little knots.

    6. What’s your favorite piece of work?  
        Of my own work, my favorite piece has to be a recreation of an old oil painting of a rocky coastline I came across on a thrift store website. Although I placed a bid, I didn’t end up winning it (which I had always regretted), so I thought I’d recreate it as a thread painting for myself. 

    7. How did you learn how to stitch? 
        I am self-taught, with some help at the beginning from a couple websites which showed how to do the most common stitches. Years ago, my Aunt had gifted me a bag of vintage DMC embroidery floss which had just been sitting up in a closet, and while searching for ways to keep busy during quarantine, I pulled out the bag and sat down to try my hand at this new craft. Since then, I’ve just had a lot of practice and have developed my style into what it is today.

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