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Le 21 November 2015
Cross Stitch

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    Remember the applause box? You’d open it up and hear applause from what sounded like hundreds of people (or at least a studio audience worth). There’s nothing like feeling supported and celebrated, which is why we’re giving this BANNER pattern a standing ovation. With every stitch you’ll be that much closer to having your own take on the applause box. Once finished, you can gift it to someone who might need a little lift, or you can keep it for yourself and hang it prominently for a constant source of Yay!, or you can tuck it away somewhere and bring it out when you need an extra bit of support. Finished measurements: aprox 12” x 12” ½” DMC197


    • cotton fabric 12” x 25”
    • embroidery scissors
    • DMC embroidery needle size 5
    • DMC Mouliné embroidery thread 310
    • DMC water soluble canvas
    • DMC machine and hand quilting sewing thread
    • round wooden stick 14”
    • Natura Just Cotton N11 (Noir) 1 ball
    • glue
    • bowl
    • water
    • soap

    Print the instructions and banner pattern here

    yay xx chart blog


    STEP 1 
    DMC198 Cut two pieces of the cotton fabric with the following measurements  
    STEP 2
    DMC199 Place the DMC water soluble canvas centered in the fabric and with large stitches tack it into place. Make sure the tacking line is larger than the design you’ll switch inside.
    STEP 3
    DMC201 With 2 strands of DMC Mouliné embroidery thread color 310 embroider the design following the instructions on the cross switch chart, it’s important to stitch over 2 theads of the water soluble canvas so the X will be bigger.
    STEP 4
    DMC204 When the emroidery is finished, carefully cut and pull out the tacking stitches. Put your stitched fabric in a bowl with a large amount of hot soapy water (between 40 and 50º C). Let it soak for 5 to 10 minutesand stir it gently from time to time. The DMC water soluble canvas will melt and disappear. Rinse with plenty of hot water.  
    STEP 5
    DMC205 Place right sides together and sew along edges with ¼” seam, leaving top open to turn right side out. You can sew it with the sewing machine or hand sewing. GLUE OPTION Fold over 3/8 on each side and press. Glue down.
    STEP 6
    DMCpto  Turn right side out and press with an iron. At the top, fold over 1 1/2″ and stitch, creating a casing for the dowel. GLUE OPTION At the top, fold over 1 1/2 and glue down, creating a casing for the dowel.
    STEP 7
    DMC208 Slip the dowel in the casing. Tie on a piece of the Natura just cotton N11 and use a dab of glue to keep it in place Bring on the joy with every stitch!   Viva la Handmade Revolution! The Commonthread Team      

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