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Talking with Irem Yazici of Baobap

Le 08 February 2017
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    Talking with Irem Yazici of Baobap

    The woman behind Baobap, Irem Yazici, can transport fans of all things hand-stitched to their happy place. Her Etsy shop includes memorable collar pins and striking coin purses. Her undeniable talent is just one of the reasons we were overjoyed that she joined the gifted group of artists in our Designer Collection of free patterns. We had the chance to talk to Yazici about her work. Have a read and then check out her patterns in our Designer Collection. [caption id="attachment_6155" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Patterns by Baobap Patterns by Baobap[/caption] DMC: Who taught you how to embroider? Irem Yazici: I started to embroider in 2014. It was very spontaneous. I was passing by a supply shop and I suddenly decided to buy some thread and fabric. I learned some traditional techniques by watching Mary Corbet’s YouTube tutorials and then I handled the rest on my own with a lot of practice. I think that day when I bought my first set of supplies was a turning point in my life since embroidery became, my job, my love, my life, and my everything.   DMC: What got you hooked on it? IY: I love everything about embroidery. First of all it’s a very meditative activity. I lost myself in time while embroidering. I simply love the threads and fabrics and I enjoy shopping for them. Also it’s the greatest satisfaction to finish an embroidery project.   DMC: Have you passed your talents down? To whom? If not, do you hope to pass your talents down? IY: One time I tried to teach one of my friends to make a French knot. Honestly, I don’t have any people around me who know how to stitch and I sometimes need somebody to stitch with or talk to about embroidery, so I definitely would like to teach someone who is eager to learn embroidery.   DMC: Why do you think passing this down is so important? IY: It’s a great activity and I believe anyone can do it. It’s calming, relaxing, and such a fun time—I think we all need embroidery in our lives.   DMC: What’s your fave stitch and DMC color? IY: French knot and 3341.   DMC: Where do you find inspiration? IY: I have interest in many different things and so many things can inspire me. My biggest inspiration is nature. I’m mostly inspired by magical things such as tales and creatures. Besides that, spirituality and esoterism are also my source of inspiration.   DMC: Any tips or anything else you’d like to share? IY: To every stitcher, please take care of your posture while stitching and don’t forget to take a break every 45 min. Happy stitching!   Check out Baobap’s patterns.   [associated-products]     Love & Threads,   The DMC Team

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