Pom Pom Fascinator with Pizazz!

Le 16 September 2015
Craft Projects

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    By: Rachel Faucett Who doesn’t love a good pom pom? They’re poofy and fun and can be used to decorate in any number of ways - not just in your home, on your body, too! Poms can be molded and shaped into fruits or animals, but we think they’re amazing au naturel. We’re super in love with DMC’s Natura "Just Cotton” Yarn! Its airy and soft and comes in a beautiful array of colors. Since floral crowns are having such a moment, we decided to put our own spin on the popular floral accessory: a pom pom fascinator! Inspired by the casque hat from the 1940’s, we created a mini-pom headpiece that can be donned for a wedding, a special event, or any day of the week that you want to add a little pizazz to! With a framework made of pipe cleaners, this headpiece is simple to put together, and requires very lit- tle supplies outside of your Natura yarn. Plus, the process of making these individual pom poms is really soothing - very therapeutic! What you’re left with is a true wearable work of art.


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    Instructions :

    Step 1 Grab a fork and begin by wrapping yarn around the tip. Keep wrapping until it is good and thick all the way around. Cut the yarn. DMC-9882Web
    Step 2 Cut another piece of yarn, about 12 inches in length. Thread it through a yarn needle. Then put the needle through the spools of the fork (make sure you have split the yarn wrapped around the fork directly down the middle!) DMC-9886Web
    Step 3 Tie the separate piece of yarn loosely in a knot, and then slide it off the fork. Once it’s off the fork, tie the knot as tight as you can. DMC-9894Web
    Step 4 Take the scissors and cut through all of the loops around the ball of yarn. Congratulations! You have made a mini-pom. DMC-9796Web
    Step 5 Repeat this process until you have between 15-20 poms in whatever colors you desire. DMC-9930Web
    Step 6 To make the framework, connect two pipe-cleaners and form it into an oval. Then zig-zag more pipe-cleaners through the oval to create a weaving of sorts. DMC-9902Web
    Step 7 Tie on the pom poms to the pipe-cleaners, filling up the whole headpiece. DMC-9909Web
    Step 8 Secure the fascinator on your head with bobby-pins, and you’re ready to go! Ooh la la!

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